Q: When can a senior’s name be submitted?

A: The website www.SilverSantas.org will be open from September 1th - until we reach 1,200 tags or October 15th. We will accept the names of needy seniors who are in danger of being forgotten this holiday season and live in an assisted living, a group home or at home in Pinellas County, Florida.

Q: What about seniors who live in a Nursing Home?

A: We partner with another program that provides gifts for needy Seniors in a nursing home in Pinellas County, Click Here for the website

Q: Who can submit names?

A: Names can be submitted by a professional working in the county, such as a Social Worker, Case Manager, Activity Director, Guardian or Community Director.

Q: How can a senior’s name be submitted for a tag? 

A: Seniors’ names are submitted at www.SilverSantas.org, under the "Submit Names" tab.

Q: Where do I find a tag?

A: Tags are found on trees in businesses throughout Pinellas County. Click the "Tree Finder" tab for locations. Tags are also available for BLS members and guests at the November Consortium.

Q: What is my deadline for shopping? 

A: Trees are removed from businesses on December 6st. We try to have all items out of the store by then for processing at a Drop Off and Sorting Location. Please drop-off all gifts by December 6, 2018.

Q: I can’t find all items requested in the store where I picked up the tag. Can I shop other stores, too?

A: Yes. Shop at any store you wish.

Q: Do I have to buy all items on the tag?

A: No, purchase one or more items. If you want to provide all of the items, ask neighbors or co-workers to pitch in to “adopt” a senior.

Q: Can I donate a gift card, or other items, rather than shop?

A: Yes. Please send any donations to: Silver Santas/BLS, Area Agency on Aging of Pasco-Pinellas, Inc., 9649 Koger Blvd., Ste. 100 (Gadsden Bldg.), St. Petersburg, FL 33702. 

Q: What is not allowed? 

A: Please do not give medications, home-made baked goods, unwrapped candy, alcohol, or tobacco products.

Q: Should I wrap the gifts? 

A: No, Helper Santas from Better Living for Seniors Pinellas will check all the bags and items prior to delivery, so please do not wrap the gifts.

Q: Who delivers the gifts?

 A: The gifts are picked up and delivered by the professional who submitted the name. If different arrangements need to be made, please contact SilverSantas.info@gmail.com.

Shoppers: Please return your gifts by December 6, 2019